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Custom Leather Printing


Create custom leather printing using your artwork or designs. With a range of leathers to choose from as well as vegan-friendly faux leather fabrics, you can create your own custom printed leather for your next project.

What is Custom Leather Printing?

For digitally printed leather, we introduced specific dyes to print deep into the fibres of the hide. This new process eliminates the use of outdated methods, which create printed leather by using a synthetic coating that sits on top of the material’s surface. The leather itself has a white base colour, which means that your colours will be strong and rich. White leathers will be printed with exceptional colour accuracy. We use the latest technology to ensure the best prints, and as a result, we’re able to deliver high-quality custom leather printing with any design, from images and patterns to solid colours.

How Printed Leather is Made

Our leathers come directly from the tannery, so they have already been tanned and treated. To create your custom printed leather, upload your design or artwork to the design interface of your preferred leather. Our method for digitally printed leather penetrates the inks deep into the fibres, causing it to be undisturbed by the surface texture. All our custom leather printing services are carried out in our studio, ensuring quick turnarounds and fast delivery times.

Purpose of Leather

Custom printed leather is great for any number of uses, from clothing such as skirts and jackets to accessories like belts, wallets, purses, and even shoes. Digitally printed on leather means your next craft project can be completely customised, and your materials will feature your design, in full glorious colour. From thinner, flexible leathers to a thick leather board and multiple options in between, you can choose from and design your own leather in bespoke sizes with our impressive range.


Our leathers are available in smooth and debossed, full grain and corrected grain, and in vegan-friendly faux leather. Digitally printed leather ensures the material keeps its original handle and doesn’t get stiff over time. It is durable and has been rigorously rub-tested. The ink is as strong as the leather itself, so provided you care for it well, it will last for years and years to come.