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Custom Leather Bags and Purses


When storing things as important as your money, bank and credit cards, ID and driving license, you want something that is going to last. Our custom leather bags and purses are hard-wearing products made from 100% genuine leather or high-quality vegan faux leather. Each can be printed with your designs, artwork and illustrations in long-lasting, high definition colour.

Custom Leather Bags

The last thing you need is an extremely reliable purse that you keep in a bag which isn't up to scratch. There's nothing worse than the moment your handle snaps and your entire handbag contents spill all over the floor. Our custom leather bags are built to last, made from 100% real leather (or vegan-friendly faux leather if you would prefer). All these custom made handbags and custom leather purses are handmade to order to exceptionally high standards.

Custom Leather Wallets

Custom leather bags and wallets are sure to both look and feel beautiful. Printed with your own design using modern leather printing techniques, and hand-stitched to order, custom leather purses and wallets are super durable. Having a product you can trust is vital when you're storing important things, and our range of customisable leather products certainly meet those requirements.

Vegan-Friendly Options

As well as our high-quality 100% leather options, we also stock a vegan-friendly leatherette so you can make custom leather bags and wallets and even custom leather purses without using real leather. Browse through our selection and look out for the different fabric choices, and simply select the warm leatherette option when creating the design for your custom leather bags or purses.

The Nappa leather is sourced via Italian tanneries for printing and finishing in our own in-house atelier studio. This work is by hand and to order. As a full-grain, bovine-calf leather, it is graded to the highest level for print and manufacturing quality.