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Custom Trousers for Men


There tends to be less variety in the cut and shape of men’s trousers compared to their female counterparts. That doesn’t mean, however, that they should be boring. Give your wardrobe some whammy with pairs of custom trousers designed specifically for men.

Bespoke Pants

Printed Trousers For Men

Using your own designs to make a canvas or framed print is one thing. But it’s not enough for when you want to really bring your art to life. Create custom trousers using your illustrations and designs and see your pieces in action – quite literally. Perfect for that painting you have which flows so well it looks like it’s moving - well, now it actually can move. Bespoke pants custom printed for any occasion are a breath-taking way to display your works.

Where it all began

Trousers can be dated back as far as the 13th -10th century BC. Believed to have begun in East Asia, trousers are worn from the waist down to the ankles and each leg is covered separately. This was the main thing which distinguished them from robes or skirts. The oldest known trousers were from this time period, and they can currently be found at the Yanghai cemetery. This is in Western China in a place called Turpan, Xinjiang. These trousers, made from wool material, had straight legs and a wide crotch. It is believed that these were likely used for riding on horseback.

Men's trousers as we know them

Throughout most of Europe, trousers were worn during the Medieval period. It is possible they were worn even before then – since ancient times. It didn’t take long for trousers to become the main garment for men to wear on their lower bodies, almost exclusively for adults. Since their original form, trousers haven’t changed much. They have always been waist to ankle garments with two ‘leg-holes’.

Styles through the times

Small changes have featured in trousers over the years. The addition of belt loops for example, or a button or zip fly, cuffs, and even pleats. Some trousers featured turn-ups created after the rest of the trousers. These are usually pressed or stitched in place. Throughout the years, shorts – or short trousers – have also been popular on and off. Now we tend to use shorts when the weather is nicer, and trousers when it is cooler. The length and tightness of trousers varied greatly by period. It also varied by class and geographical location. This saw many styles go in and out of fashion from as early as the fourth century. Bespoke trousers were later introduced. This was done by having a tailor measure you for the perfect fit, and this is a service still often used today.


Either wool or linen were the most common materials to make trousers from in their early days. Just pre-dating medieval Europe, leather, cotton, and silk were used for trousers. In the 17th and 18th century, sailors pioneered the wearing of jean - denim trousers - becoming incredibly popular from the 19th century onward for their durability.

Modern materials

As we have progressed, we have started to make men's trousers from more and more materials. We often use the properties of each fabric to our advantage. Commonly we use water resistance, durability, breathability, or the handle of textile. This also opened up new opportunities for trousers to come in more colour options. It also saw the introduction of brighter and patterned trousers.

The age of convenience

In the high-tech age in which we live, trousers tend to be given in set measurements. This usually consists of a waist and leg measurement. This has led to people ordering men’s trousers online more and more frequently. This also means that trousers now can be bought as gifts or in novelty styles. However, bespoke pants are still an option; you can visit a tailor on most high streets and get a made-to-measure pair. The designs and styles are often more limited with bespoke pants.

Bringing these advancements together

Here at Contrado, we like to use all of these advancements to our (and your) advantage. We offer custom trousers, often in a choice of fabrics, which you can design yourself. From a modest pattern, to designs that sing colour or shout statement, you can create custom printed trousers for men. We have an in-house designer who creates bespoke pants just for us. We provide measurements in our handy size guide that you can find on each of our pages to ensure the best possible fit. You create your custom trousers design and upload it to our online interface, and using our design preview, you can even see how it looks on the finished garment. You can create your own men’s custom trousers online that are completely, 100% unique.