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Who We Are
Who We Are

Contrado Where Your Art And Design Meets Manufacturing

Established experts in manufacturing and fulfilment of lifestyle, fashion, and homewares sold around the world.

How It Works

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Contrado Imaging Ltd is a London-based company founded in 2002. Contrado means to assemble and deliver, accomplished in a one-stop production facility. We specialise in making quality, custom products on demand. The service enables creatives to sell art, build brands, offer unique products, and gives consumers the chance to find exclusive, exceptional quality designer products. Each order is carefully handmade inside our facility, often within 24 hours. Contrado has a network of 40 websites in 9 languages across 14 territories.


From seed we have gown substantially into a long lasting Company. Contrado is built from the ground up observing good practice, such as waste not want not, and progressive sustainability. Our growth is driven by a passion to create products. All products are developed in-house and launched through Contrado's systems worldwide. The more we develop, the more work there is, and the more people join. We are growing and learning to continually offer a better service and higher quality product.

Art And Design Drive Sales (US$)


Contrado's mission is to facilitate other people's creativity and change the way people buy things by connecting designers and buyers to our manufacturing on demand system. We are constantly developing new products because we love to make. Contrado creates, refines and improves every product for quality results. Core values drive us to try things out, get creative, to be helpful to others and enjoy the success with everyone.


The power of our production facility is in your hands. We propel people to create new opportunities by producing exciting product outcomes, to help designers build brands and make end users happy. With this combination of forces, a growing stable future is enabled.