"Touched Two" Scarf Wrap or Shawl

Beautifully detailed, this design features a skeleton hand clutching at a brain, in a repeat pattern across the scarf. Read on to discover the story behind the design: *This design, similar to the heart design, encompasses the concept of falling in love & how our minds and hearts are gently squeezed by strong emotion, protecting us, owning us.. Two halves coming together to form one. Two aspects of ourselves influenced by desire. In a place where nothing else seems to matter, or even exist, we light up the night's sky. As we hold each other's body, we inadvertently hold each other's brain. Each touch kindles a magic within our skin and inside our mind. Each twist and curve wrap softly under tender fingertips. Each contact generates electric surges, in which our energy combines and runs through our nerves, sharing the journey down the delicate pathways to our soul. With every touch we seem to capture another piece of each other. We begin to shine more brightly, our skin lighting up with bold colour and lustre. We feel fresh, young, rejuvenated, full of life in contrast to our otherwise lifeless existence. Our hands become a source of power, creating an electric current in which we can utilise, to thrive. Our minds become dense with new memories, fantasies, moments.. Almost bursting with excitement, we feel whole. We are alive.*

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