"Touched" Scarf Wrap or Shawl

Lusciously detailed, this design features a skeleton hand clutching at a heart, in a repeat pattern across the scarf. Read on to discover the story behind the design: *Love leaves an everlasting mark on our hearts. As we come together as one, we begin to share our lives, our experiences, our stories, our bodies.. As we take in all there is to see, we notice more and more each day, and our love expands and deepens. With every moment, we create a new shared memory, our auras leisurely filtering into one another. With every grasp and squeeze, we seem to grasp and squeeze our very brain, our heart, our soul. With every touch we feel the sensation deep within our heart, pressing against its hot surface and gently reminding us, we are protected. As fingertips gently touch upon the surface of our hearts, they create a tingling sensation like a subtle rush of electric running through our veins. They gently squeeze, continuously reminding us of their presence and forever leaving an imprint on our soul. Over time, their hand holds more firmly, allowing them to feel for themselves every pulse, and experience every ounce of desire running through our veins. Full of strong colour to represent strong emotion, this piece portrays the firm grasp love has on our hearts. I have enhanced every detail to highlight the depth and intensity we feel with each heartbeat. As you stare into its depths I hope you can feel a sense of the true love I have put into its creation.*

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