The designs in this collection are all inspired by nature, and I hope they'll inspire you to connect with nature too, featuring fields, flowers, and foliage with wonderful colours and intricate hand-drawn detail.

All my designs are created from pen-and-ink drawings, drawn in the traditional manner, and then put through the computer to add some vibrant colour, and to create the final composition in digital format.

If you love being outdoors in nature, whether it's a field, woodland, park or garden, I'm sure you'll love the designs in this collection.

Thanks for calling by to check out my patterned products.  Do drop by again sometime ~ Lotti xx

Just let me know at if you see a design or pattern that you like here, and you wish it was on a different product. I'll add it here if at all possible.


Copyright for all artwork held by Charlotte Brown of No unauthorised reproduction is permitted.

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